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Thursday, July 12, 2007

ALBUM REVIEW: WEEDEATER - God Luck and Goodspeed (2007)

Just like Leaf Hound, Weedeater brings the smoke-filled riffs in plenty, to go along with killer vocals that sound as if they're coming straight from a bong-ravaged throat. Driving the album are super distorted sludgy guitars a la Dopesmoker era Sleep, Bongzilla, or Electric Wizard. It isn't all heavy, though, with the folk/country-esque piece "Alone," and the chill piano outro "Willow." Lyrics are mostly lighthearted here, as you'd expect, Weedeater are probably one of the least pretentious bands around. God Luck and Goodspeed is sickly stoner sludge done just right.

Weedeater sounds exactly how I thought they would, and this of course isn't a bad thing. If you enjoy this type of music, this is a must-have, and to its credit it does bring some new things to the table in a bit of an oversaturated genre. Trust me, you don't need to be on the sticky icky to enjoy Weedeater, as I've never smoked a bowl in my whole life and I still adore this genre of music as a whole. Simple, smooth and destructive at the same time, beautiful!


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