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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Videodrome delivers on all cylinders as far as I'm concerned. Creepy, surreal "venereal horror," from the master writer/director David Cronenberg, starring James Woods and the beautiful Deborah Harry, who's naked in the movie several times I might add. Just as a fair warning, the movie is very, very strange and features some (lots) of torture sequences, including some things with needles and skin that aren't for the squeamish. I think Andy Warhol put it best when he said that Videodrome was "A Clockwork Orange of the 1980s." Can't disagree with that, there's some genuinely awesome sequences in the movie, and some very memorable quotes. The directing and photography are superb.

Like I said before, the movie is very surreal, but the plot manages to stays pretty taut throughout, and the acting is just about as solid as you could expect from a sci-fi horror flick from 1983, with James Woods naturally being the best actor of the bunch. The movie does stand up very well over time, especially considering its time period and what it's about. I throughly enjoyed this, has a very John Carpenter type feel to it, if you enjoyed movies like The Thing or The Fog (1980) then check out Videodrome.


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