the thunder's noise is our delight, and lightning makes us day by night

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gravenhurst - Animals

they descend upon the city like flies
spraying their eggs into a dead dog’s eyes
it’s England on a Saturday night
I wish I could be like them and I try
but I find it more rewarding to walk along the river
picturing my body discarded in the water
I wonder who will do it and I wonder what they’re doing right now
they opened up the sewers tonight
animals caged in, their appetites
let loose upon the passer-by
and people like me are just parasites
take me to the river
I want to feel the water
closing in and helpless as you’re pushing my head under
I wonder if you’ll do it and I wonder what you’re doing right now
at four am you’re lying right there
with urine and wine dried in your hair
I take you to the river
I want to show you something
I’m making a map from all the flowers I’m collecting
I wonder if I’ll do it and I wonder what I’m doing right now

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