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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ALBUM REVIEW: LEAF HOUND - Growers of Mushroom (1971)

YES! Now we're talking. Growers of Mushroom is true stoner rock from 1971, Leaf Hound hails from London England and brings the smoke-filled riffs in plenty. The moment I stuck this album in the player, I was reminded of old Vietnam movies; tanks rolling along a dirt road, dust kicking up behind them, and some catchy, groovy rock blaring as the tanks drove on. Awesome. The first song "Freelance Fiend" is probably the best on the record in my opinion, with Led Zeppelin type vocals.

Actually, in general the band is quite a lot like Led Zeppelin if they had taken their psychadelic tendencies one step farther. Another band they remind me of is the much newer Wolfmother, except obviously Leaf Hound was doing this almost 40 years earlier, and is much better at their craft. If you like catchy rock with a psychedelic edge and awesome song titles like "Sad Road to the Sea," get this immediately. Comes highly recommended from me.


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