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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Birds and other random pictures

The vaunted sheltie grin


Bumblebee on a crape myrtle

Female cardinal

Male cardinal

Baseball, the greatest sport on Earth


Anonymous said...

no way man jai alai is so much better

oh yeah I was reading that China Mieville article about Tolkien, seems like he's a bit critical of the guy himself but does have a lot of good things to say about LOTR and the films:

Was that the one you linked me to earlier?

JD said...

It's not the same interview, but it seels like almost any interview I read with Mieville he's saying something about LOTR. What I think it was is he was young (as a writer) when he slammed Tolkien and LOTR and now he's backtracking a lot because he's always being questioned about it.

Anonymous said...

I noticed in an interview, China also said his opinions mirror Michael Moorcock's, who wrote that 'Wizards' book which bashes Tolkien and Lewis constantly (with a Mieville foreword and VanDerMeer epilogue).

A very nice review and response to Moorcock. I think Moorcock is just a bitter and jealous pill, though, if it weren't for LOTR he never would have made a name for himself with his own books. Some of his own text in his fantasy books is quite 'dry' and '

Also, he puts down Watership Down. I can't believe he went there, that books is 100x better than anything he has ever written.

Anyway, enough literary rambling!