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Friday, July 13, 2007

ALBUM REVIEW: MT. - Lethologica (2007)

Here's a post-rock album, Mt.'s debut, traditional in that there's nothing else but a regular guitar/bass/drum trio that makes up the band... no electronic elements, no metal, just a straightfoward outfit playing some post-rock. If you're into post-rock and you're looking for something different, just look elsewhere. Mt. travels down the well-worn path of the buildup and explode structure, but they don't rely on it so much it becomes annoying and repetitive. I'm looking at you, Explosions in the Sky. With all that said, they still do entertain. If you just want your post-rock plain with no frills, Mt. is pretty good at that.

Some songs feature a bit more menace, such as "Worms and Coffee," which kicks up the distortion for once in the album. "Too Many Escape Darwin's Attention" is a charming and sweet song, clocking in at 7:50 complete with clapping interludes and some neat drumwork. The lengthy closer "Sense of Wonder Still Intact" leaves a nice aftertase and closes out the album in typical sad-then-happy buildup fashion, starting out slow and peaking in a crescendo of guitarwork. Lethologica isn't bad, like a friend said, it's nice if you're queuing up a post-rock playlist, but nothing special to pick out on its own.


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